History of True Doctrine Missionary Baptist Church

On Sunday afternoon, November 1, 1998, God revealed His plan that He had placed in the minds of His spirit filled Deacons- that they would go in person and move forward to organize a Church body that will be led by the Holy Spirit.

They came together on this day after Church Services with Reverend and Sister Stanley W. Rice; where they went into prayer to ask God for further guidance of HIS plan. After prayer meeting, they discussed that plan that God revealed to them on organizing a Church body that would be pleased with, and led by His Holy Spirit.

The Deacons then asked Reverend Rice if he would lead the Church that God had established and he joyfully accepted his new position. After a brief discussion, the Deacons and Pastor agreed to keep the name of the Church as, True Doctrine Missionary Baptist Church. We also selected the Church Motto offered by our Pastor; Rev. Stanley W. Rice (WE WALK BY FATH, NOT BY SIGHT: 2 Corinthians 5:7).

The ones attending were Deacons Bro. Freddie L. Shelton Sr., Bro. Robert White, Bro Leroy Brown; Prospective Deacons: Bro Johnny W. Brown, Sr. and Brother Kerry Shelton, also attending were Reverend and Sister Stanley W. Rice.

We pray and trust God that he will guide us through the upcoming year through all of our trials and tribulations and that we (WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT)..